My solo single Skibbereen is out!

I’m so excited to start my journey as a published artist, and can’t wait to share everything it brings with you! 💚 I’m also so happy that this particular song is the first one to be released, Skibbereen holds so much emotion and drama that suits perfectly for this moment in time.

There is a powerful story behind my new single Skibbereen. If you’re Irish or know the history if Ireland, you’ll know that Skibbereen is a small town in West Cork. In the 1800’s the great famine swept over Ireland, killing 1 million people and forcing another million emigrate to America. Skibbereen is also the name of a traditional song that tells a heart breaking story of a family that’s home was burned down by the landlord, the mother starving to death, and the father fleeing to the boat to America with their small baby in the dead of the night.

I’ve wanted to capture this haunting, despairing yet beautiful and fearless atmosphere in my arrangement. I lived in co. Cork for a few years and seeing the places mentioned in the song with my own eyes was a core shaking experience.

You can purchase Skibbereen directly on my web site! You can find Skibbereen also on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon music and all other streaming services!

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