Eye-catching, Charismatic & Engaging

Professional hosting

As a professional performer, I've practically been functioning as a professional host for 15 years. Alongside music, I've consistently received praise for my natural, clear, and entertaining hosting style. I'm an articulate and quick-witted speaker. My style is seasoned with lively storytelling, often sprinkled with a touch of sharp humor. As a stage persona, I'm intriguing, positive, and able to transmit energy to the audience. When I speak, people want to listen.

​Aside from my native Finnish, I also host smoothly in English. Having lived in Ireland for almost 10 years and worked extensively in the USA and Central Europe, my language skills are excellent. My vocabulary includes many local idioms, inside jokes, and more.

​You can also book me as a "host turned musician." A fun surprise adds sparkle to the event when the presenter suddenly pulls out a violin and starts playing a concerto!

​For more information, feel free to contact me using the details below.